BrainJuice CEO: "Why I'm going to Voice & Exit 2015"

Sam Elick on how this 'Festival of the Future' is the spot for innovative entrepreneurs.

Voice & Exit is everything that SXSW used to be.

It’s a conference for entrepreneurial thinkers who are passionate not only about business, but about big ideas. Innovative ideas. Radical ideas. Ideas that can make the world a better place.

I attended Voice & Exit in 2013 and 2014--the first year as a speaker, and the second year as a paying customer. Both experiences created a compelling shift in my life as an entrepreneur. The first year, the shift was created primarily because being a speaker challenged me to ask myself the question, "What is the one thing I can share that will have the biggest positive impact on the world?"

Here’s 3 reasons I’m going back in 2015 (and have invited many friends to join me):

1. The Expert Information. The information presented by top experts at VE is grounded in substance, yet radical compared to most mainstream ideas considered “normal.” For example, two of the speakers last year spoke about the paleo diet and primal lifestyle, and how eating food as close to nature intended as possible is the best place to start with your diet for optimal health. One of those speakers also touched on the idea that we should apply this principle in all areas of our lives--such as using the sun as our primary light source, instead of using too much "artificial" light at night--in order to be at our highest level of health.

Another speaker spoke about "entheogenic" medicines used by indigenous shamans for thousands of years to empower people to find their life purpose, heal from emotional trauma, and even heal from physical ailments. Of course, entheogenic medicines are often called psychedelics in our society, and there is much abuse and immaturity surrounding their use. This speaker, however, showed that when used responsibly and consciously by an experienced guide, these medicines can have a dramatically positive impact.

2. The Optimistic Atmosphere. There is no event that compares to the Voice & Exit “festival” experience. It’s part TED talk, part SXSW, and part Burning Man (entrepreneurs can have fun too, right?). It is an immersive experience, full of people who want to maximize human flourishing. Whether that is through biohacking the human body, creating innovative business models, or challenging assumptions about government and society, Voice & Exit will inspire you to think beyond the status quo. Last year I heard speakers talk about everything from flow science to open source legal codes to seasteading (floating ocean cities).

As an entrepreneur, the sheer volume of optimistic, innovative ideas put forth at Voice & Exit is intoxicating. It’s the perfect atmosphere to brainstorm business ideas, models, and strategies.

3. The Tools, Technologies, and Takeaways. Finally, the tools and technologies that people share at VE are tools that I continue to apply in my life. These practical takeaways make it easy to measure a “return on investment” of attending the event, even if it’s not always financial. For example, I use many of the nutritional supplements shared at VE, and I have been following the paleo diet and primal lifestyle more closely since hearing these speakers.

VE is an event unlike any other on the planet. If you’re an entrepreneurial thinker who is passionate about big ideas, you cannot afford to not attend this conference.

If you are one of those people, I'll see you there!

-Sam Elick

CEO, BrainJuice / Cofounder Xanopia

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About Voice & Exit

Every generation has an event that defines it.

The World’s Fair provided 19th century innovators like Nikola Tesla a platform to showcase their ideas. Events like Woodstock gave the baby boomers a chance to express themselves and dream of a better world.

Voice and Exit is our generation’s festival of the future.

It’s the event of the 21st century, where we not only predict the future, we experience it. Voice and Exit isn’t just about biohacking, political innovation, future technologies, or scientific breakthroughs….it’s about something much deeper: human flourishing in all it’s dimensions.

Many events focus on problems in our society. They feature presentations about what’s going wrong, and how we can stop it. Voice & Exit exists to explore what could go right, and how we can start it.