Voice & Exit Conference Gathers Innovators to Share Challenging Ideas

The 'Festival of the Future' lands in Austin June 20-21, 2015

“Voice & Exit is everything that SXSW used to be.„ Sam Elick, CEO of BrainJuice

Austin, TX — Voice & Exit’s 3rd annual hybrid conference, dubbed the ‘Festival of the Future’ by attendees, returns to Austin this month with a diverse speaker line-up who all share one common trait: a dedication to maximizing human flourishing through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ryan Holiday, marketer and bestselling author, has helped millions be successful in their own way, either by showing them another path, or by showing them how to turn personal trials into triumphs.

John Mackey, founder and CEO of Whole Foods, leads one of the largest food retailers in the world and still puts his deeper purpose first, proving businesses thrive on an ethos.

Jamie Wheal, Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project, is an expert in bringing out the best in people, from high-performance “flow-hacking” to ultimate experience.

Dylan Evans, AI researcher and author, was bold enough to try his own Utopia Experiment, and humble enough to admit that our modern inter-dependencies have a value all their own.

Jack Kruse, controversial neurosurgeon, is determined to unlock clues to optimal health, longevity and increased performance — whatever the critics say about him.

Jeffrey Tucker, entrepreneur and author, is Bitcoin’s most outspoken evangelist and a master at delivering optimism of technological liberation.

Brian J. Robertson, author and founder of Holacracy One, created and is helping companies implement a radical new management system that empowers employees through decentralization and helps the mission be the boss.

Magatte Wade, CEO of Tiossan, has a no-nonsense approach to global development that involves empowering the poorest peoples of the world with startups.

Jim Epstein, writer and producer, shines a spotlight on the radical ways that technology is revolutionizing our world from autonomous machines to cypherpunks and the deep web.

These Seeds talks at Voice & Exit are short, engaging sessions to kick-off the experience and are designed to get ideas flowing. Attendees are then invited to participate in interactive Sprouts workshops to expound upon the concepts introduced. These include workshops by Brian Robertson on “Holacracy,” biohacking, and a debate on the future of higher education.

“TED is interesting. Voice & Exit is life changing.„ Justin Arman, CEO of My Magic Mud

Saturday culminates in a techno-arts party called Blooms with live musical performances from David Starfire and CAPYAC.

Sunday brings Harvest — a chance for attendees to integrate inspiration through workshops and meditative exercises. As one 2014 attendee put it, “Voice & Exit was like a beautiful rewiring of my brain. It left me with a burning desire to make my mark, to connect, and to create change so that we can all flourish.”

Another 2014 attendee said that he “measured an incredible financial ROI from the relationships [gained]” and called it “more than ‘networking.’” For entrepreneurs and anyone else else interested in attaining the highest ROI, Voice & Exit has added a new ‘Mastermind’ pass for Friday evening that includes a hosted dinner and exclusive workshop with Jamie Wheal on hacking “flow” to increase productivity and enhance creativity.

For more info visit www.voiceandexit.com.

To obtain a press pass, please contact Meg Gilliland or Tiffany Madison.


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Why we started Voice & Exit

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About Voice & Exit

Every generation has an event that defines it.

The World’s Fair provided 19th century innovators like Nikola Tesla a platform to showcase their ideas. Events like Woodstock gave the baby boomers a chance to express themselves and dream of a better world.

Voice and Exit is our generation’s festival of the future.

It’s the event of the 21st century, where we not only predict the future, we experience it. Voice and Exit isn’t just about biohacking, political innovation, future technologies, or scientific breakthroughs….it’s about something much deeper: human flourishing in all it’s dimensions.

Many events focus on problems in our society. They feature presentations about what’s going wrong, and how we can stop it. Voice & Exit exists to explore what could go right, and how we can start it.