Voice & Exit Returns to Austin in June

Is this ‘Festival of the Future’ Austin's next big thing?


Voice & Exit comes to Fair Market June 20-21 for its 3rd annual Austin event. The two-day event fills the void left by TEDxAustin, but adds characteristic Austin weirdness and the exploration of “human flourishing.”

Voice & Exit fuses conference, festival and interactive experience. Participants join for short format talks giving by visionary thought leaders, interactive workshops, and a celebration of music, technology and art. Past attendees have dubbed Voice & Exit a “festival of the future,” because the genre-bending event allows participants to explore cutting-edge innovations in the categories of self, community and world.

Last year’s speakers included the Seasteading Institute’s Joe Quirk on building cities at sea, as well as Dave Asprey, creator of “Bulletproof Coffee” who spoke about optimizing the human body through biohacking.

“Exiters” like Bethany Currier call the event life changing.

“Voice & Exit was like a beautiful rewiring of my brain. It left me with a desire to make my mark, to connect, and to create change so that we can all flourish.”

Voice & Exit was founded in 2013 by Austin-locals Seth Blaustein and Max Borders.

“Austin is at the forefront of an emerging movement of changemakers who want to create a better future themselves, rather than outsource it to the political process” Blaustein said. “Voice & Exit is a place to connect with those changemakers." He adds, "These are the people who care about human flourishing."

Since its 2013 debut, the event has doubled in size, grown to two days, and evolved a unique format:

  • Seeds &mdash Attendees experience talks from visionaries and thought leaders in areas like biohacking, startup cities, seasteading, and crypto-innovations. (2014 included The Seasteading Institute’s Joe Quirk, s, “The Bulletproof Executive” Dave Asprey, and bestselling author Steven Kotler.)
  • Sprouts &mdash Exiters engage with speakers and each other through interactive workshops, panel discussions, unconferencing activities, and more.
  • Blooms &mdash Participants meet fantastic people while exploring the dazzling displays at the intersection of music, art and innovation. Enjoy the performers who live between entertainment and imagination.

This year Sunday’s Harvest gives Exiters the space to reflect on what they’ve experienced, deepen connections, and transform inspiration into action. The 2015 festival also adds an exclusive 'Mastermind' event on Friday evening, which allows special guests to focus on personal optimization among other entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives.

“Voice & Exit is a rocket ship ride into the future,” said Corine Brunet of her experience at the 2014 event.

Voice & Exit claims a transformative experience, and Exiters agree. Tim Chermak, a young entrepreneur from Minnesota said. “I drove 2,500 miles to get there and back. The connections I made at last year’s event were worth at least 10 times the ticket price.”

The event has doubled in size each year so the organizers expect this year’s event to sell out. For more info visit www.voiceandexit.com.

"Voice & Exit is like an edgy TED conference. Things like this are going to dramatically shift our generation forward." Sam Elick, CEO of BrainJuice
"Voice & Exit is a rocket ship ride into the future. It opened my eyes – not only to the amazing potential, but to my role in the process. Everything we can dream of, anything you can imagine–it’s happening! We are creating the future in every moment." Corine Brunet, 2014 Exiter
"Austin is at the forefront of an emerging movement of changemakers who want to create a better future themselves, rather than outsource it to the political process. Voice & Exit is a place to connect with those changemakers." Seth Blaustein, Co-founder of Voice & Exit
About Voice & Exit

Every generation has an event that defines it.

The World’s Fair provided 19th century innovators like Nikola Tesla a platform to showcase their ideas. Events like Woodstock gave the baby boomers a chance to express themselves and dream of a better world.

Voice and Exit is our generation’s festival of the future.

It’s the event of the 21st century, where we not only predict the future, we experience it. Voice and Exit isn’t just about biohacking, political innovation, future technologies, or scientific breakthroughs….it’s about something much deeper: human flourishing in all it’s dimensions.

Many events focus on problems in our society. They feature presentations about what’s going wrong, and how we can stop it. Voice & Exit exists to explore what could go right, and how we can start it.